Financial Policy

A Word About Dental Insurance

Not a day goes by without patients asking about their insurance coverage. The questions range from calls asking about which insurance programs we honor, to specific procedures which may or may not be recognized as insurance benefits by a particular carrier.

We look at insurance as a benefit to help pay a bill. We see our own responsibility as health care providers as a commitment to provide you with the best care we possibly can.

The insurance company really never says no. They really never say a given treatment is inappropriate; just that the procedure is not covered by their policy. All that this means is that the insurer is admitting that the scope and quality of their coverage just isn’t quite up to the proposed quality of care and, therefore, the insurance won’t help pay the bill. Most, if not all, dental insurance companies have a maximum coverage of $1000.00 to $1500.00 per year. The same maximum was used in 1979. Only your premiums have increased.

When we see a new patient, we ask permission to diagnose exactly what we see and provide a treatment plan as we would for our family. We would not suggest a treatment procedure or comprehensive treatment plan based on the least expensive approach. We do not want the low bid on our dental care, neither should you.

Our team is honored by the trust and confidence you place in us. Why would we dishonor your trust by offering less than our best? Patients do not want cheap dentistry—some want quality dentistry at a cheap price—which is not possible. Quality dentistry and outstanding service does not come with a discounted price tag.

We understand dentistry is not inexpensive. We understand dental insurance can be an important benefit. We’re happy to help process your insurance benefit, but out of our respect for you, and your wants and your needs, we prefer decision making to come from you and not your dental insurance coverage.

Your good health should be forever. It doesn’t depreciate when you leave the office. Your good health is greatly affected by the health of your mouth and teeth.

Don’t limit yourself by the limits of your insurance company. Don’t let your insurance company make a decision for you that’s really yours to make.

Financial Arrangements

We offer a variety of payment options. You choose the one that makes you comfortable and makes the most financial sense for your situation:

If you encounter any difficulties or questions regarding the financial aspect of your treatment, please don’t hesitate to call; we are here to help and serve you.