Porcelain Veneers

One of the most significant advances in cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers can correct a host of problems including; cracks, gaps, chips, stains, and crookedness. Veneers are created and matched to your natural tooth color in the laboratory. They are then placed on the fronts of your teeth, giving you the kind of smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

Strong and long-lasting, veneers are sometimes called “instant orthodontics”, because they can create a straight, perfect smile in just a few appointments. To learn more about veneers, please contact our office for a consultation.

Porcelain Crowns

To withstand biting forces, porcelain crowns always used to have a metal substructure. No matter how good the shade match would be, the crown always appeared unnatural and opaque. We all have seen the dark line at the gum line of porcelain to metal crown which is caused by the metal casting a shadow up the root surface.

Modern technology allows us to make crowns entirely out of porcelain. The dark line at the edge of the gum is eliminated, less tooth removal is necessary, the margin can be placed at the gum line, and light can travel through the crown. The result is much more esthetically pleasing and healthier for your teeth and gums. Full porcelain crowns are also semi-translucent on an x-ray, which permits us to detect cavities earlier.

Porcelain Bridges

Bridges are an alternative to implants and partial dentures for replacing one or more missing teeth. Teeth on either side of the missing tooth are crowned and connected (bridged) together. Bridges are most often made from porcelain on the surface with a metal substructure in order to withstand biting forces. New technology allows us to make bridges out of tooth-colored, metal free materials which are strong and natural looking.

Some advantages of replacing a missing tooth with a bridge include:

  • Prevention of the shifting of the remaining natural teeth
  • Esthetic: natural-looking
  • Permanent, non-removable alternative to partial dentures
  • Functional and strong